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How can I get original true and immediate news about forex?

There are two questions here, you want both original and immediate news about foreign exchange. Whilst I understand they are not mutually exclusive, you need to understand that every forex trader is seeking the exact same information.

You can go down two routes:

  1. Subscribe to Bloomberg or some other professional financial news and data platform that has a reputation for breaking news first. Pay the $24,000.00 per month and enjoy being the first to know about every economic decision seconds before the markets have time to react.
  2. The more viable option – find out what information actually moves forex markets. Is it employment data? Is it information relating to equity markets or futures markets? Find the actual Government or Official agencies who release this information and explore their websites – you’d be surprised to learn that as public organisations, they have an obligation to provide the public with information at the same time as private subscribers.

I live in Australia – I have free subscriptions to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Reserve Bank of Australia – automatically I have immediate access to information the moves forex markets more than any other. Once you have found official sources of free information, find subscriptions to financial news / data suppliers that do not charge ridiculous prices. I listen to Bloomberg T.V each trading day – whilst the news anchors may be 2 minutes behind any breaking news releases – I still hear about it before the majority of the market.

I found a special offer to the Wall Street Journal, 12 weeks for $12.00USD – this is an excellent offer and I am already enjoying the benefits of being kept up to date with US markets in addition to maintaining subscriptions to my local financial news and data suppliers.

Finally and most importantly – call and ask your broker. I mean actually get onto the phone (or email / LinkedIn) and speak to someone in person. Tell them what you are interested in trading and let them know you want access to people wh0 are “in the know”. You would be very surprised how willing good brokers are at providing their clients with independent information (after all, they benefit through a commission of brokerage fee for each position you trade).

Finally – Twitter. Create a dedicated “Financial Intelligence Account” and subscribe to Bloomberg, CNBC, WSJ, NYT, BOA – every organisation who you think will release information that is relevant. Finally, Zero Hedge is an amazing website which I cannot recommend enough, many of the articles I pay thousands of dollars a month to read appear on Zero Hedge before my inbox.

Good luck!


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